f2b Goldendoodles

At 7 weeks

Puppies from a breeding of an f1b goldendoodle with an f1 goldendoodle are referred to as f2b goldendoodles. Puppies from a breeding of an f1b goldendoodle with a full-blooded poodle are referred to as f1bb goldendoodles.

One of our breeding females is Ethel a 60-pound black f1b goldendoodle. We have bred her with Dino, a tan f1 goldendoodle weighing around 90 pounds, with Winston, an English cream f1 goldendoodle weighing around 70 pounds, and now with Chester, a full-blooded apricot poodle weighing about 65 pounds. Ethel and the three studs all have friendly, laid-back dispositions. Click on the "Parents" button or here for pictures of the parents.

June 29, 2018 - Ethel has a newborn litter of seven puppies. Six of these puppies are available. To see pictures of Ethel and Chester click here. Click here to see pictures of their newborn litter. Since we have bred Ethel back to a full-blooded poodle, these puppies are referred to as f1bb puppies. Please use our contact page if you have any questions or would like to adopt a puppy from this or future litters. You can also follow us on Facebook for news and additional pictures of our puppies.

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