f1b Goldendoodles

Puppies from a breeding of a full-blooded poodle with an f1 goldendoodle (½ poodle and ½ golden retriever) are referred to as f1b goldendoodles.

Our newest breeding female is Brandy, a 50-pound tan poodle. We are breeding her with Winston, our English cream f1 goldendoodle weighing around 70 pounds. Brandy and Winston have friendly, laid-back dispositions. Click on the "Parents" button or here for pictures of the parents.

● July 30, 2018 - All of Brandy's puppies (f1b) born June 4th have been sold. To see pictures of the puppies click on the "1st Litter" button or here. To see pictures of Brandy and Winston click on the "Parents" button or here.

Odie and Chloe, our first breeding pair, have now retired. To see pictures of their puppies click on the 'Odie & Chloe' button.

Brandy and Winston

Brandy Winston